Middle School Planning

Educational planning in middle school cannot be stressed enough. Middle school sets the pathway for high school success. The earlier families begin planning and thinking about college, the less stress they will experience later down the road. Below are some tips to keep in mind while your child is in middle school.

  • Study the course selection available to your child. Is he/she taking a challenging course load? Why or why not? Be an advocate and get involved when you need to.

  • Look ahead to high school. Have you decided which high school your child will be attending? Public versus private? AP vs IB? Dual enrollment vs not? There are many factors to consider when choosing a high school. High schools have reputations and you need to be aware of what they are from a college admissions perspective.

  • Get real about college costs. Don't wait until your child's senior year to start financially planning for college. There are tools and people available to help alleviate this process well before your child enrolls in high school.

  • Monitor study skills. If you see your child struggling with a particular subject, address this early on and hire a tutor for additional support.

  • Get your child involved in activities outside of the classroom. There are a range of wonderful enrichment programs available to middle school students to help them discover potential career interests.

Middle School Planning | Educational Consultant | Nashville, TN


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