Three Tips When Requesting Teacher Recommendations

Teacher Recommendation

As a Franklin, TN college counselor and Brentwood, TN college counselor, I work with many students throughout our communities looking for college application help and advising. I have noticed that each community has many similarities and differences. One similarity? Both communities have an abundance of excellent educators that can serve as an impressive reference for college applications. Recommendations are an important component of the overall college application package. References provide a personal interpretation of an applicant and give a glimpse into a candidate’s character, leadership style, and work ethic. These should be taken seriously, and relationships should be built with the individuals writing your recommendation.

Start Early

Do not wait until your senior year of high school to ask your teacher for a recommendation. I’ve read thousands of college recommendations. Trust me; you can tell when a teacher puts effort into a recommendation versus when it’s templated due to a mad rush to get recommendations out in time for college application deadlines. There are key themes that colleges look for in recommendations (more on that in another post), and universities screen recommendations to search for specific content and keywords.

Ask the Right Person

Who you ask depends on what academic track you intend to take in college. Interested in engineering? Then it makes sense to ask a physics and advanced math teacher. Interested in nursing? Then form a good working relationship with your biology or anatomy & physiology teacher. Some colleges require a teacher of a certain discipline to write a recommendation, while other universities leave it up to the student’s discretion. Remember, there is a strategy to this, and it’s important to put some thought into who you ask to vouch for you. Have a coach or internship coordinator? These are good additional recommendations to include, too.

Show Gratitude

Schedule an appointment. Ask for the recommendation. Share your goals. Talk about how their class inspires you. Talk about what you do outside of the classroom. Follow up with a thank-you note. Teachers are asked to write recommendations every year, and it’s a big task. The person writing you recommendation is putting their name on the line. Appreciation goes a long way.

College consultants in Middle Tennessee know the weight that a reference has on a college application file. How much time have you put into planning your recommendation strategy? Work with a Middle Tennessee educational consultant to get an edge on your college applications.

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