How to Plan for Your Child's First Tutoring Session

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Are you currently exploring academic tutoring and test prep in the Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, and Nashville, TN areas? Before the first tutoring session begins, it will be important for you to adequately plan and articulate expectations so that both the student and the tutor are on the same page.

Below are some tips that students and parents should keep in mind.

  1. Share expectations with the tutor. What do you hope to accomplish by hiring this person to work with your child? Is it a certain ideal point increase? Better understanding of subject matter? Improvement in academic rigor? Is it to help address weaknesses in study skills? Homework help? Test preparation? What is the end goal? Communication is key.

  2. Involve your child’s teacher. Ensure that the teacher is aware of the additional help that your child is receiving.

  3. Pack accordingly. Make sure that your child attends the sessions fully prepared. Does the tutor prefer notebooks, laptops, flashcards, or any specific workbooks? Limit any distractions (i.e., cell phones).

  4. Environment and attitude. Make sure your child eats before their tutoring session. If the tutor is coming to your home, be sure that there is a quiet space designated for learning.

  5. Assess progress. Ask for a “progress report” after each session. What was accomplished? What challenges still exist? What should the student be working on in between sessions?

Working as a college admissions consultant in Nashville, TN, I completely understand that not everyone enjoys being tutored after a full day of school. However, the more positivity and clarity around goal-setting, the more differences you will see in your child’s academic performance.

Good luck!

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