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The second-semester of junior year is a big test-prep time for many students. In addition to the SAT and ACT exams, there are many other different standardized exams that students are preparing to take. As an educational consultant serving Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville students, I see first-hand how stressful this time of year can be. Many Nashville test-preparation services range from private to small group learning options. I find that students who devote time and place for practice exams at home tend to be less stressed on the day of the actual exam. Below are some tips to help create a productive and quiet learning environment at home.

Establish the Same Routine

Maybe it’s the bedroom. Maybe it’s the den. Wherever you decide to set up test-prep shop, make sure that it’s the same place. Ideally an area of the home that is away from commotion (i.e., apart from the kitchen), in a quiet space that is free from traffic or interruptions. This is especially helpful if you have an academic tutor coming to the home.


Make sure the space where you are taking practice exams is free from clutter. Try to mimic the environment where you would be taking the exam. Clear out any homework assignments, magazines, or anything else that could negatively impact your concentration.

No Distractions

This goes without saying, but all distractions should be put away. That means TV and music off and cell phone silenced. Try not to use your cell phone as a calculator.

Maintain A Schedule

Remember, you are the person taking the exam. Nobody else can do it for you. The amount of time and effort you put into test prep will dictate your performance when you sit for the test. Set up a weekly schedule. Perhaps every Saturday morning you carve out time to take a practice exam or go over what you learned in this week’s test prep. Consistency is key.

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Good luck!

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