Tips for Your Medical School Interview

Applying to medical school is no easy task. As Nashville college admissions counselor, I meed students every year who dream of attending medical school. There are many steps that students are required to take, above and beyond making sure their pre-requisite courses are completed. Securing a medical school interview is a good sign, and it’s essential that students plan accordingly and strategically.

Stay up to Date

Make sure you are staying up to date on recent trends and research going on in the medical world. Discoveries are being made every day. As a medical school applicant, it is critical that you know what is going on and how this affects your (future) career. Make it a habit of reading the news and staying on top of the latest developments in medicine. This could likely come up in your interview.

Know the School

Like the above, you should be staying on top of the latest developments at the college you will be interviewing at for medical school candidacy. Visit their online newspaper, check in with their departmental website. These are excellent speaking points to address during your interview, and especially useful to weave into your conversations.

Know Your Interviewer

Do your research. What is their specialty? What research have they conducted? How can you try to relate to this person? Use the school website, Google, and LinkedIn to understand your interviewer beforehand.

Medical School Interview Tips | Nashville, TN

Be sure to review your application to remind yourself what you submitted. You likely submitted the application months earlier, so refresh yourself on the content that they have recently viewed about you. There are fundamental questions that will be asked during your medical school interview. It’s important to anticipate these and have prepared answers.

Applying to medical school is a great accomplishment for any student. As a medical school admissions counselor, I have had the privilege to work with impressive candidates who each bring their unique traits to the field. Test preparation, academic tutoring, and educational consulting with a medical school admissions consultant are ways to achieve promising results.

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