4 Tips to Alleviate Test Prep Anxiety

Standardized exams are often the most stressful factors of college applications. Establishing a healthy studying and preparation routine is essential for students to do well on the exam. Test preparation takes time, dedication, and commitment. Quickly cramming or barely covering the test material is only going to hurt a students’ college admission chances. Working with a reputable test prep and tutoring company in Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, and/or Nashville, TN can make all the difference in one’s admission candidacy.

ACT SAT Test Prep Tutor Brentwood, TN

Below are my top 4 tips to help ease test anxiety.


Taking the time to plan exactly which exams a student needs to take is a critical piece of the process. Not all students need to take only the ACT or SAT. In fact, there are other standardized exams that may be required or significantly strengthen an applicant’s file, depending on what their post-secondary goals are. Interviewing multiple testing prep centers and tutors in Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville, TN is a wise choice. I work with many ACT and SAT test prep companies in Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville, TN. Some are better suited for certain students and I work with my clients to ensure they are set up with the best possible testing plan.


Create a calm and inviting space for your student to work and study. This should be away from any noise and commotion. If your test prep tutor comes to your home in Brentwood or Franklin, then be sure the space is clean and de-cluttered. A clean and organized space is important.

Find Your Outlet

ACT and SAT test prep can mean long hours and information overload. It’s important that students’ have an outlet or activity where they can recharge. Maybe it’s going for a run, practicing meditation, or playing tennis. Whatever it is, be sure to always carve out time to recharge and refuel.


I can’t stress this enough. Test prep is not a “quick fix” to bring up points on the ACT or SAT. It requires advanced planning and thoughtfulness. Chances are, the student will retake the exam multiple times. Setting up a testing strategy is important and should not be put off.

As a private college coach serving families in Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville, TN, I see how stressful the test and tutoring process can be. It doesn’t need to be. With a little planning and strategizing, students can earn strong scores on their exams.


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