What to Bring To The ACT Exam

ACT and SAT Test Prep in Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, and Nashville, TN

You have completed your test prep ACT tutoring and the big day has arrived. Before you show up for the exam, be sure to review what you can and cannot bring to the exam. Having a good night sleep and nutritious meal will be important.

ACT and SAT Test Prep in Brentwood, TN and Nashville, TN and Franklin, TN

  • Bring a printed copy of your ticket to the test center. Don’t have it? Not to worry. You can always print another through your ACT web account. If you do not bring your ticket, your scores will be delayed.

  • Bring an acceptable form photo identification. You will not be admitted to test if your ID does not meet ACT requirements. For most students, a government issued ID (driver’s license) will work fine. Double check the ACT website to ensure, as updates are made on an ongoing basis.

  • Bring sharpened, soft lead No. 2 pencils with good erasers. If you are registered for the ACT with writing, your essay must also be completed in pencil. Do not bring any other form of writing. I always recommend students bring a few extra sharpened pencils, just in case.

  • Bring a watch to pace yourself, but do not bring a watch with an alarm. If your alarm sounds during testing, you will be dismissed and your scores will be forfeited. You do not need to bring a watch. The supervisor in standard time rooms will announce when you have five minutes remaining on each test.

  • Bring a permitted calculator to be used on the mathematics test only. It is your responsibility to know whether your calculator is permitted. Please refer to the ACT Calculator Policy (PDF).

Ensuring you have completed a strong ACT/ACT test prep program in place is critical to your overall success on the standardized exam. As a private college admissions coach serving Brentwood, Nashville, and Franklin, TN students, I cannot stress how important it is to begin the ACT and SAT test prep process early on in your high school career. Working with a reputable test prep tutor in Brentwood, Franklin, or Nashville, TN can make all the difference on the decision of your college applications.

Do you need a recommendation for the best test prep tutor and the best ACT and SAT tutors in Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, and Nashville, TN? Contact me to learn more.


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