Creating a Test Prep Timeline

Test prep is an important time in a student’s high school career. Establishing a plan-of-action is a wise decision for families to consider. Taking the time to determine the appropriate exams and create a comprehensive testing strategy can ultimately be the make-or-break factor in an admissions decision. I often find that students don’t begin thinking about test prep, ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, college applications, and college essay help until their junior year of high school. By planning the steps well in advance, students are more likely to experience a less stressful college application process.

As an independent educational advisor serving Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, and Nashville, TN clients, I work with students who need ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, college essay help, and general application support. Clients range from domestic to international student admissions. Below is a general overview of a test-prep timeline. Every student is different in terms of their overall strategy and post-secondary goal. The important piece is to begin the process early.

Grade 9

It is extremely rare to begin test prep during grade 9. Grade 9 is the time to map out course sequencing and enroll students in the most challenging courses appropriate for their level of comprehension. Monitoring homework and hiring an academic tutor may be worthwhile. Brentwood, TN academic tutoring, Franklin, TN academic tutoring and Nashville, TN academic tutoring is available to my clients. Parents should establish a quiet and organized learning and studying space.

Grade 10

Grade 10 is typically the start of PSAT test prep. As an educational advisor in the Nashville, TN area, I find that it varies on school district in terms of how much test preparation students generally receive in grade 10. Working with an educational advisor can ensure adequate ACT tutoring and SAT tutoring. I offer ACT tutoring and SAT tutoring to Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville students. My test preparation services are self-guided and comprehensive, with a proven record demonstrating an increase in scores. We have extremely detailed data analytics that can show a student’s progression and needs of improvement to give them the best possible chance at earning a high score. Because of the way my test prep tutoring works, clients who use my SAT tutoring and ACT tutoring services are over-prepared for the PSAT exam. My test prep tutoring provides students with the exposure, skills, and confidence they need to improve scores and understand subject matter. After vetting multiple different tutoring approaches, I am confident to say that I offer one of the best SAT and ACT test prep tutoring in Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN and Nashville, TN.

Grade 11

Grade 11 is a very test-heavy year. Exams include ACT, SAT, SAT Subject, AP, CLEP, IELTS, and TOELF. Which exam should your student take? Well, that depends on what their post-secondary goals are. Some exams are more strategic to take than others. It depends on the student, which is why developing a customized college admissions plan is so crucial. There is not a cookie-cutter approach to applying to college. Certain factors may be the decision for earning scholarship, admission, or both.

It is best to begin SAT test prep and ACT test prep during the summer before a student’s junior year of high school. Understanding what a student’s baseline score is will help dictate the test prep schedule. Taking the ACT and/or SAT before the end of a students’ junior year will help relieve the pressures of subject exams and AP exams. International student admissions require the TOEFL or IELTs exam.

Grade 12

By now, hopefully students have completed all their standardized exams and they can use the first few months of the semester to begin putting together college applications and receive college essay help. Typically, the latest possible ACT or SAT exam that a student can take their senior year is by October, although students should confirm with their colleges.

Are you looking for test prep including ACT tutoring and SAT tutoring in Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, or Nashville, TN? Contact me to learn more about my services.

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