ACT and SAT Tutoring Tips

If you’re looking for college application help, one of the biggest factors is test prep. ACT tutoring and SAT tutoring test prep is in full force. Summer is an excellent time for upcoming juniors to begin preparing for the important test-heavy year ahead of them. For students living in Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, and Nashville, TN, SAT test prep and ACT test prep services are available. I offer comprehensive, self-guided tutoring that can significantly increase a student’s test scores. With enough preparation and effort, students can expect to see positive results.

Score Choice vs Superscore

Superscore means that colleges will take the highest sections of each exam and consolidate these to make a highest-possible overall score. Not every colleges allow superscoring. This requires all exams to be sent to an admissions office.

Score choice is offered by the College Board (SAT), and allows students to pick and choose the best/highest score to be sent to their colleges. Again, not every college accepts score choice.

It is important to determine what the individual testing policies are for each college you are applying to so that you do not violate their requirements. Ultimately, if you do, this could backfire.

Rinse and Repeat

By this, I mean study and take the exam. Then study again and take the exam again. Rarely do I encourage a student to submit their first scores, unless of course they earn a perfect composite or overall.

Test Prep

I can’t stress this one enough. Students must test prep for the exam. It is a w

ACT test prep and SAT test prep, Brentwood, TN

aste of time and money for a student to take the exam without any preparation. More so, the scores will be received by the college—which means they will see what you earned. Enrolling in a strong Brentwood, TN Franklin, TN and Nashville, TN SAT and ACT test prep tutoring program is strongly encouraged. I offer comprehensive test prep tutoring for students in Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville and have witnessed first-hand the successes they have experienced. Like anything else, test prep takes time and commitment. You get what you put into it. Having been an independent educational consultant for so many years, I see the difference when a student dedicates time and energy into preparing for the ACT and SAT exam. Advanced planning will yield positive results. ACT tutoring and SAT tutoring should be top priorities for students.

Are you looking for ACT tutoring test prep and SAT tutoring test prep in the Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, or Nashville, TN area? Contact my office to learn more and get started today.

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