Scholarships for Williamson County and Davidson County Students

A very important part of the college application process are scholarship applications. Like college applications, scholarship applications take time and commitment. As an educational consultant for Franklin, TN, Brentwood, TN, and Nashville, TN students, I am aware of the amount of free money in the community that students can take advantage of applying for to help with their college expenses. The reality is that so much scholarship money goes unclaimed each year. Often, this is because students don’t do the research and apply in time to be considered.

In my opinion, scholarship applications go together with college applications. So, the earlier one completes their college applications, the earlier they can complete their scholarship applications and the more fun they can enjoy their senior year of high school. Remember, when the money runs out, it's out. It's also best to be one of the first applicants. The amount of scholarships available

Williamson County Scholarships

for Williamson County and Davidson County students demonstrate, once again, how wonderful the Middle Tennessee community is.

How do scholarships work? The answer: A few different ways.

Merit based scholarships are awarded contingent on academic merit (often GPA, test scores, and course rigor). These are often awarded through the college admissions office.

Need based scholarships are contingent on the family income. These can be awarded both through a college financial aid office and through private party scholarships.

State, Local and National Scholarship are scholarships that are usually privately run by an organization, family, or private party.

As a private college admissions coach in Franklin, TN, I am constantly informed and aware of the scholarships that are available to students in Williamson County and Davidson County. I offer college admission help and application planning for students desiring personal and ongoing support. Often, scholarships require students to submit an essay. If your student needs essay help or assistance with writing an impactful statement, then contact my office to learn

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