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Did you know that the deadline that a student chooses to apply by may have a direct impact on their admission candidacy? As the college admission process expands with even more complexities, I find that parents are often left confused as to which deadline means what. Serving as a college admissions consultant in the Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, and Nashville, TN areas, this is one of the most common questions I hear each year.

College Admissions Help in Brentwood, TN

The date that a student indicates on their college application can have binding or non-binding repercussions. Students should be aware of the deadlines and their implications before hitting the submit button. Below is an overview of application deadlines.

Early Action

This is non-binding. Meaning: students can apply early action and still apply to other schools. The deadlines range from October-December. Students can expect to see their decision between November-January. The benefit is getting an early notification while keeping one’s options open.

Restrictive Early Action

Like the above, except this applies to schools coded as “Restrictive Early Action”. These are often comprised of Ivy League colleges. Generally, students cannot apply to more than one college under Restrictive Early Action.

Early Decision

This is a binding decision-meaning student must attend if they are admitted. This is generally reserved for a student’s first choice school. They do not apply to other schools while applying ED. They also cannot apply to other ED schools. The implications of ED are that students often will not know if they are awarded merit scholarship, so they must be comfortable attending and paying the tuition under the assumption that they do not receive any merit aid.

Regular Decision

These deadlines range from December-March. Students receive notification up until April

Rolling Admission

This means that college admission offices will accept applications on a rolling basis. This can even go through the summer before classes start.

So, what deadline should your student choose? Well, that depends on many factors. How academically-strong is your student? How sure is he/she on their school list? Do they have a first choice? Is money a factor? Choosing an admissions deadline is a strategy and one that should not be taken lightly.

If your student needs college application help in Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, or Nashville, TN, please contact my office.

Working with a private college counselor and educational consultant in the Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville, TN area ensures your applications will be strategically presented. Test prep is an important part of college application planning. If you’re looking for ACT test prep, SAT test prep, and PSAT test prep in the Brentwood, TN, Franklin, TN, and Nashville, TN area, please contact my office.

If you’re looking for college admissions help, please contact my office.

Other services that I offer include:

Essay writing help

Resume building and enrichment strategy for improvement

Interview skills and interpersonal development

College list development

Scholarship advising

Teacher recommendation advising

Testing strategy

ACT and SAT Test prep Franklin, Test prep Brentwood, Test prep Nashville

Supervision of all college applications

Customized college admissions road map

Good luck!

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