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We could not have navigated the college application process like we did without Jamie.  Jamie is extremely knowledgeable about the process - from start to end.  But, most importantly to me, Jamie helps us keep our family sanity in place because she handles the details with the student herself.  We have trusted Jamie to lead us through this process with our oldest 2 daughters and will definitely be leaning on her again with our youngest.  She's not only a security blanket and an extremely knowledgeable source of information but the added bonus is that she is a family peace-keeper. (KB-parent)


Ms. Kennedy was extremely helpful - in fact, our family feels that her assistance was the key reason I was accepted ED to my first choice of universities. She was extremely easy to work with - professional yet approachable. We worked remotely, and she was always timely with her e-mail responses, easy to set up phone calls with and spent a ton of time with me whenever we spoke and never made me feel rushed. She absolutely added value for me to the college search process and made us consider things we had not previously thought of during the application process. I applied to only highly competitive schools, and was 100% happy with the outcome! (MS-student)


Working with Jamie was a wonderful experience. Her inside knowledge about the college admission process, what they are looking for, and how to stand out helped our daughter receive multiple offers from excellent schools. Jamie was always available for questions and kept us organized and informed. We would not have survived this process without her! (WB-parent)


Jamie's attention to detail, professionalism and personality make the challenging process of University selection to completing the application a breeze. Jamie's depth of knowledge and experience helped guide our kids to make this important step in shaping their future and next phase of their education. We found Jamie a pleasure to work with, she's dedicated and makes you feel like you're the only family she's working with. (JT-parent)


Lifesaver. Jamie is a wealth of knowledge. My kids responded well to her, and it made our household much happier to have her as a resource and guide during this stressful time. Our only regret is that we did not engage in her services sooner. (AD-parent)


I have used Jamie’s consulting services for both of my kids, and I have recommended her services to many others. Jamie helped both of my kids stay on schedule with their applications. She provided effective strategic guidance for top-ranked universities. We were extremely pleased when admission letters arrived. Both of my sons were admitted to their respective no.1 choice. (NS-parent)


I can't say enough good things about Brown Kennedy Consulting. Jamie was great to work with! My daughter is a very good student, but needed help with the college process. Jamie guided her through the entire journey and she got into the school of her dreams. If your child is willing to do the work and follow Jamie's process then you will get results! I highly recommend Brown Kennedy Consulting and would use her again! (TF-parent)


As a mom, I felt that my son was disorganized and not adaptive to the college application process. Jamie helped walk me through the step-by-step process on how to prep my son’s application, go through the application process, and enroll in a university. She is resourceful and helped land my son a prestigious internship at an investment bank as a rising high school senior. (NK-parent)


HIRE HER! Not one, but two thumbs up. (MK-parent)


Kind, caring, informative, patient. Jamie has been a wonderful resource for our family. I hesitate to write this testimonial because I want to keep her all to ourselves. :-)  (DC-parent)


Blown away by the knowledge Jamie has about college admissions. She leaves nothing uncovered and will guide your child step-by-step. I appreciated the fact that although the work was between Jamie and our daughter, she was always available for questions my husband and I had, and we were very much part of the process. (MW-parent)


My husband and I are so pleased to write this recommendation. We recently went through the college search process for the first time with our oldest son. Applying to college today is much different than when we were doing it years ago. Before we found Jamie, we were confused and overwhelmed by what steps our son needed to take. He did not receive much guidance from his school. Jamie never rushed us and answered our (many) questions. We opted to work with her for the Comprehensive Package, so she had everything covered. Hire her. (JS-parent)


My wife and I interviewed four different independent educational consultants. Jamie’s level of knowledge and customized approach to how she would help my son was impressive.  You get what you pay for and Jamie's advice was well worth it for my son’s happiness (and our sanity). She made the college application process much less stressful for all of us. Thanks, Jamie (SJ-parent)

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