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Sample High School Timeline

Grade 9 Objective
Getting to know each other and identifying student strengths

  • Initial family meeting to discuss services offered. Learn about family goals and objectives

  • Student meeting to determine student strengths, weaknesses, talents, and interests

  • Deep dive on course curriculum sequencing and analysis of transcript and school profile

  • Sophomore year academic schedule planning, review tentative testing plan, build an extracurricular and leadership enrichment strategy, and plan for a fulfilling and productive summer experience


Grade 10 Objective
Building an academic and leadership strategy

  • Student meeting to discuss PSAT/PLAN (Practice ACT) results

  • Review freshman/sophomore academic record

  • Discuss appropriate extracurricular activities

  • Recommendations for standardized testing strategy and course tutoring, if applicable

  • Determine junior year course sequence

  • Review dual enrollment candidacy and make appropriate recommendations, if applicable

  • Summer enrichment planning


Grade 11 Objective

Completing standardized testing and building the college list

  • Analysis of academic record

  • Testing strategy for SAT, ACT, AP, IB, CLEP, etc.

  • Student research on schools of interest

  • Teacher recommendation planning and strategy

  • Tips for productive college visits 

  • Establishment of a customized student college list

  • Creation of a notable student resume

  • Summer enrichment planning


Grade 12 Objective    

Finalizing the list, completing applications, and making the final decision

  • Determination of 8-12 colleges with a range of high probability (likely), medium probability (possible), and low probability schools (reach) 

  • Action plan to ensure completion of all necessary tasks

  • Teacher recommendations and school forms

  • Scholarship advising

  • Determination of appropriate college application deadlines to meet (Early Decision, Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, Regular, Rolling, etc)

  • Support and review of essays for all required and supplemental questions

  • Tips on interview techniques and mock interview practice, if applicable


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