I was referred to Jamie by a client of hers. Like many others, I did not know services like this existed. My kids go to a private school. Although I would like to say that they receive ample guidance from their counselors….they do not. Having a private guidance counselor for our child was one of the best investments we made. Our daughter is flourishing as a freshman and was admitted to nearly all the schools she applied to.  -AP


Lifesaver. Jamie is a wealth of knowledge. My kids responded well to her, and it made our household much happier to have her as a resource and guide during this stressful time. –AD


Our only regret is that we did not engage in Jamie's services earlier. - SP


We are so grateful for Jamie! We first used Jamie’s services four years ago and now working with her again for our second daughter. Jamie has become an important part of our family. She has helped us strategize coursework and create ways to help our children stand out. –TK


Bottom line is that kids are not getting the support they need in their school to help them apply to college. I had no idea that services like this even existed until I saw Jamie written up in a magazine. I wish I knew about her years ago for my older daughter. She has made this process much easier on all of us. My kids don’t always listen to me-but they listen to her. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge around college admissions, and she is an asset to our community. –MP


HIRE HER! Not one, but two thumbs up. –MK


Kind, caring, informative, patient. Jamie has been a wonderful resource for our family. I hesitate to write this testimonial because I want to keep her all to ourselves. :-) –DC


Blown away by the knowledge Jamie has about college admissions. She leaves nothing uncovered and will guide your child step-by-step. I appreciated the fact that although the work was between Jamie and our daughter, she was always available for questions my husband and I had, and we were very much part of the process. –MW


My husband and I are so pleased to write this recommendation. We recently went through the college search process for the first time with our oldest son. Applying to college today is much different than when we were doing it years ago. Before we found Jamie, we were confused and overwhelmed by what steps our son needed to take. He did not receive much guidance from his school. Jamie never rushed us and answered our (many) questions. We opted to work with her for the Comprehensive Package, so she had everything covered. Hire her. –JS 


I love that she brings a fresh perspective from having a direct college admission background and experience working with so many great colleges. Shocked to learn about standardized exams that my son should have enrolled in but was never advised to by his guidance counselor. Jamie helped get him on track and was a great help with his college essays. Highly recommend if you have a student that needs help navigating the college admissions process. She will really give your child a competitive edge. –LA


The college admissions process was becoming a pain point in our household and especially between my daughter and me. I did not feel my daughter was getting enough support from her school counselor. When my daughter began working with Jamie, she learned about specific classes that she should have been taking and ways to help better her admission chances. Fortunately, we were able to turn things around in time for my daughter to get on the right track. Without Jamie's help, I don’t know if my daughter would have been competitive enough. –TR


My wife and I interviewed four different independent educational consultants. Jamie’s level of knowledge and customized approach to how she would help my son was impressive.  You get what you pay for and Jamie's advice was well worth it for my son’s happiness (and our sanity). She made the college application process much less stressful for all of us. Thanks, Jamie   –BB  


I am an out-of-state parent and have used Jamie's services for my two kids. My kids could not be more different from one another. The college admissions process has changed tremendously from when I applied to college, and I felt we were going about it blindly until we started working with Jamie. I learned more from her within the first 30 minutes then I did in two years of my kids being in high school. She is extremely thoughtful, strategic, and organized and she has become an invaluable resource to our family. Both kids were admitted to top-ranked schools for their field. I've referred 9 of my friends to her--so that says a lot. -PF


My husband and I met with Jamie to discuss whether we should place our 7th-grader in a private school or public school in Williamson County or Davidson County. She provided a lot of great information about how this affects college admissions. We will use her services for when our son gets to high school. –WM


As a graduate of the Williamson County school district, I had already been through the college application process. I would have greatly benefited from Jamie’s services when I was in high school. I learned about Jamie while I was an undergraduate and used her consulting services to help me apply for medical school. She helped me narrow down my search and prepare the best application for each school. – LP